Restoring smile with veneers or crowns treatments

Have you been thinking of how you can enhance your smile by restoring your teeth? Well, in that case, you have two available options that you can choose from, that is, veneers or crowns. Both treatments are popular and the end results are improved appearance of your smile. However, some differences exist between them and therefore you need to choose the right method depending on your condition.

Veneers or crowns

Both treatments are forms of dental restoration that involve adding a covering to your tooth for function improvement. Their main difference depends on;

  • The original amount of tooth to be removed
  • The thickness of the covering material
  • The amount to be covered


This is made of wafer-thin porcelain which during the treatment is bonded to the front of your tooth. The color of the porcelain is matched to your natural teeth. Veneers are usually strong but can be cracked by a sharp impact and brittle. This treatment is considered to be more conservative than crowns because to place the veneer, only a small portion of the teeth need to be removed. This means that the dentist removes a thin layer of the enamel without touching the core of the tooth.

This method is suitable when the issue to be addressed is relatively minor and aesthetic in nature. Such problems include; veneers or crowns

(a). Bad stains

(b). Chipped teeth

(c). Superficial misalignment

(d). Minor cracks


This is made of metal, porcelain or their combination and it is twice the veneer thickness thus making it more durable and crack resistant. This treatment requires around 60% to 70% of the tooth to be trimmed away for the crown to be placed. Additionally, a crown covers the whole tooth. This method is applied when there are fundamental issues to be looked at such as;

(a). Badly broken/cracked teeth

(b). Root canal treatment

(c). Damaged tooth edge by grinding

The option helps to keep the tooth intact and offer protection from further damage that could result in its extraction.

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