Face Rejuvenation

In order to improve facial appearance, face rejuvenation procedures that combine cosmetic and plastic surgery are done which then result in enhanced appearance and beauty. The various rejuvenation procedures used to rejuvenate your face are divided into two main groups which include:

Surgical face rejuvenation procedures

-These involve invasive surgery and they include;

Rhinoplasty which is a surgical procedure involving reshaping of the nose in terms of size and position. It is also done to correct obstructed airways that lead to impaired breathing.
Blepharoplasty that involves eyelid surgery which is done either on the upper or lower lid or can be done on both eyelids. This results in improved eyelid appearance.
Rhytidectomy a facelift procedure that is done to reduce sagging of the face, excess fat in the face and the neck resulting in a reduction of ageing signs giving a youthful appearance.
Lower rhytidectomy involving removal of excess fat and loose skin on the jawline and neck area.
Mentoplasty a surgical procedure that is done on the chin to reshape it by use of implants or by reducing the amount of bone in the chin.
Otoplasty a procedure done on the ear so as to correct a defect on the ear by changing the shape and size of the ear enhancing appearance.
Forehead lift that involving changing the position of eyebrows, reduction of wrinkle line on the forehead and raising of eye brows that are sagging.
Cheek enhancement that involves fat transfer on to the check to increase their volume and make them chubby. face rejuvenation

Non-surgical face rejuvenation procedures

-These procedures do not require surgery and they are faster and easier compared to surgical procedures. They include;

•Use of botulinum toxin that involves injecting the toxin onto the face reducing wrinkles by paralysis of muscles associated with face wrinkles making the skin to look smoother, fresh and youthful.
•Use of dermal fillers done by injecting soft tissue fillers in areas that have wrinkles due to collagen loss restoring the appearance of the skin.
Laser hair removal whereby lesser light is used on hair follicles which destroys them inhibiting hair growth resulting in hair reduction in the face.
Chemical peeling that is done by applying a chemical solution on to the face to remove damaged skin tissue thus removing wrinkles, acne and damaged skin.

Despite the advantages of face rejuvenation procedures, they require a series of treatments to obtain desired results and may result in muscle weakness and thus making the skin highly dependent on the treatments.

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