Best Tips on Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

A lot of individuals nowadays frequently ask – is it possible to apply whitening for sensitive teeth? That question can be easily answered – YES. But the challenging question is – HOW?

A lot of individuals nowadays frequently ask – is it possible to apply whitening for sensitive teeth? That question can be easily answered – YES. But the challenging question is – HOW?

The very first step to do with this case is booking a consultation with your family dentist. He or she can give recommendations if it’s possible and even inputs on why you’re having sensitive teeth.


Pre-Requisites on Sensitive Teeth Whitening

While whitening on sensitive teeth is possible, it’s important to follow certain steps before undergoing the procedure. Two weeks prior to whitening, you must use desensitizing toothpaste in brushing your teeth. Pastes and gels are also available.

Your gums should not be ignored as they need to be prepared for the procedure. Apply vitamin E oil to your gums to prevent irritation. Taking anti-inflammatory meds such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen 30 minutes before the procedure is also recommended.

Whitening on sensitive teeth can be done in two ways. Either you let a professional do it for you, or you can do it yourself. Either way is fine as long as it’s done properly to prevent any oral problems.


Teeth Whitening Done by the Dentist

Even if you prefer to do it on your own, it’s highly recommended to let your dentist know that you want to whiten your sensitive teeth. In fact, dental associations prefer that your dentist should be the one to pick the product for you.whitening for sensitive teeth

Prior to the application and recommendation of the product to be used, the dentist will do an assessment of your oral cavity. There are cases where the dentist recommends that he or she would be the one to perform the procedure while there are those where tips are provided for DIY purposes.

If it’s the dentist who’ll perform the procedure, a whitening paste or gel will be used accompanied with a LED light to hasten the process. In most cases, the professional fee ranges between $600 and $700.


Teeth Whitening at Home

A sensitive tooth means that the dentin has been exposed. Therefore, using a lot of agents like hydrogen peroxide is discouraged. It’s best to only use a little bit if approved by your dentist.

If teeth whitening will be done at home, your dentist may provide you with a custom tray that would cost approximately $400.

There are cases though where your dentist would simply give you a prescription on what to buy, such as whitening strips or kits. You’re lucky if this is the case since it only costs around $100 or even less.

Another reminder would be to avoid applying too much whitening gel. Simply apply small amounts on your teeth and avoid accidentally applying them on your gums.



Once the procedure is finished, you must follow certain reminders. First, avoid eating and drinking too cold and too hot food and drinks. Foods which are acidic and drinks which are carbonated are not recommended as well.

It’s also best to use soft-bristled toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste. This will make your dentin more fortified and prevents deterioration.

Foods and drinks which can stain your teeth are strongly discouraged. If you need to eat or drink these types, it’s best to use straw.

While it’s always possible to whiten your sensitive teeth, always remember to take precautions. Have your dentist assess your oral cavity and make sure to follow the recommendations.

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