Why is Dental Hygiene Important?

Dental hygiene is the key to dental care and overall health. It’s the cheapest, most effective way to make sure you will always have your beautiful smile. But sadly, there aren’t many people who pay attention to their oral hygiene. This can be due to ignorance about the importance of dental hygiene, or even a busy lifestyle.

To most of us, dental hygiene is brushing our teeth daily. But is this enough? In many cases, we need a little more help than brushing regularly to maintain good oral health. Visit an experienced dentist to find out about your dental health.

There are many simple ways to take care of your teeth. But before trying on new products, it’s essential that we understand what exactly dental hygiene is and why it’s important for your overall health.

Keep Your Natural Teeth

Most people do not appreciate what a blessing it’s to have all their natural teeth until they are gone. Even one missing tooth can exacerbate gum disease and bone loss and cause shifting of the adjacent teeth. If the missing tooth happens to be one of the front teeth, the gap might also cause embarrassment and low self-esteem. Although it might be possible to replace the tooth with a crown or a dental implant, these treatments take time, and they might result in an artificial structure that does not look and function exactly like a natural tooth.

The dental and aesthetic concerns are multiplied when several or all teeth are missing. In such cases, the only solution might be dentures. However, dentures can never fully replace your natural teeth and restore your ability to enjoy all of your favorite foods. Therefore, it’s best to avoid tooth decay and tooth loss by taking care of your mouth on a daily basis. Also, you should see your hygienist every six months to make sure that unhealthy plaque and debris do not lead to dental problems that can be easily prevented.

Maintain a Sparkling White Smile

perfect smileDental hygiene is also vital if you want to achieve and maintain a confident, lovely smile. Realizing this goal might require the placement of dental implants, crowns or porcelain veneers. All of these treatments can be performed easier and more successfully if your mouth is healthy. Similarly, teeth whitening will result in a lasting bright smile only if you diligently brush your teeth at least twice a day after the whitening treatment. Also, it will be necessary to brush your teeth after eating certain foods such as red beets, carrots, and grapes. Brushing is necessary to remove the color particles that might otherwise cling to your teeth surface and slowly penetrate into the deeper layers of dentin.

Save Money

Another reason for keeping up your oral hygiene is because it benefits your bottom line. Once a tooth is infected, the only way to save it might be through a costly and extremely unpleasant root canal treatment. In some cases, the tooth becomes so damaged that it must be removed, which requires expensive oral surgery. The expenses and treatments do not end once the tooth is removed, as space must be replaced with something. Your choices are dental implants, dental crowns or dental bridges. The cost of these reconstructive devices can run up to $4,000, and often they are not fully covered by insurance. Therefore, it’s always best to avoid the pain and expense of dental procedures by sticking to basic dental hygiene principles.

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  1. Dental hygiene has a big connection to overall health. One bad condition to your dental health will affect your body and can cause various diseases.

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